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"One small crack does not mean that you are broken.  It means that you were put to the test and you didn't fall apart."

                                                                 ~ Linda Poindexter

Opportunities for Respite Care

Parents or caregivers use our service for a variety of reasons:

Work, attend special events, or even just to relax at home.  Because of the nature of their child's special needs, many of the parents or caregivers have not had the opportunity to attend these events in part, or just relax with recreational time for themselves or spend time with other siblings.

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers strive to support family unity.  Children receive services and supports that are valued by their families and enrich their quality of life.

Our services are family-focused and designed to fully develop a child's growth and address the special concerns of their families.

We, at Helpful Hands Respite Services, are committed to enabling children and adults with developmental disabilities to have a goal for their own future.  Our caregivers are aware of the crucial need for flexibility and creativity when assisting our client's in creating their individually tailored services, and supports for those services.

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