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Helpful Hands Respite Services is a Vendor of the North Los Angeles Regional Center

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What is Respite?

Respite can best be described as intermittent relief from the additional demands placed on a family raising a son or daughter with a disability. Intermittent means that the service is used to meet specific needs at specific times and it is time limited. For example, you might use respite if you want to go to church, do things with your other children, or just go out with your spouse or a friend, knowing that your disabled child is being cared for by a capable person.

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Two kinds of in-home respite services:

1. The first kind of respite service includes routine care and supervision. It may also include light meal preparation and cleanup.

2. The second kind of respite service includes personal care in addition to the routine care and supervision. Personal care includes things such as help with bathing and dressing; feeding by mouth; help with getting around, changing

position, or transferring to and from a wheelchair; and general skin care (cleansing and applying lotion).

A respite worker may supervise your son or daughter in taking a dose of medicine that you have prepared ahead of time, if that medicine doesn't have to be given by a nurse or doctor. The respite worker may not, however, give any other kind of medical assistance.

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