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Respite Services...

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Having a temporary break from the responsibilities of caring for an individual with developmental disabilities can allow families and Caregivers to spend some relaxed time away from  home, make and keep appointments, attend meetings, or just go grab a cup of coffee!!

As parents of a child with developmental disabilities we found it increasingly difficult to find strong respite care and Daycare services for our child.  We wanted a group that would not only provide good care for him while we were gone but would also develop a connection with our child that went beyond what we were getting from most of the Caregivers we were being sent.




We know how important it is that the people we entrust our children to are not just sitting there like a "lump on a log"; waiting for us to return. We want our children engaged. We want our children to have positive and loving interactions, so that their time away from us is meaningful and uplifting.

Kid with health problem playing toy cars with mother at home. child having Cerebral palsy

There will be times when family members need relief from the daily responsibility of caring for a Loved one with a

developmental disability.


Our children are our future and we believe they deserve our very best to help them in their journey!


Parents of children with special needs assisting other families with special needs.

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